Third Namkhai Nyingpo Rinpochhe


He was born in a prosperous village known as Tshona and was installed on the seat of Kharchu. He studied with great perseverance and propagated the vast Buddha Dharma. Then it dawned upon him that the place of conversion was in Lhomon Druk (Bhutan). In order to make a pilgrimage to India, he travelled via Kurtoed and he had to halt a few months in Chhali in Mongar.

During that period, one Aum Dedon became his patron for whom Namkhai Nyingpo constructed a Jangchub Choeten (Stupa of Purification). On the way to Kengkhar in Mongar, he left his foot print on a stone as his legacy, which can be seen even today, and passed into Nirvana.