First Namkhai Nyingpo Rinpochhe


As prophesized by Guru Rinpoche, there were many successive reincarnations of Nubchen Namkhai Nyingpo such as Treasure Revealers Jangchub Lingpa Palgi Gyaltshen and Dawa Gyaltshen. Further, to benefit the sentient beings of a degenerated period Namkhai Nyingpo, however, took rebirth in 1672 in a place close to the seat of Guru Chowang called Lhodrak in Southern Tibet to father Tshewang Nidup and mother Logok. At the age of eight, the fifth Dalai Lama officially recognised Rigzin Lobzang Lhachok as the reincarnate of Nub Namkhai Nyingpo and installed him as the abbot of Lhodrak Kharchu monastery. Since then, Lhodrak Kharchu Dudjomling has been the seat of the Namkhai Nyingpo reincarnates .

His Holiness began his early education at the age of eight along with other ordinary monks at Lodrak Kharchu Dudjomling monastery. Jangchubsempa Rinchen was the tutor for Rinpochhe. Rinpochhe learned all reading, writing and other monastic skills without much difficulty. Rinpoche received entire Je Thsongkhapa’s ‘Lamai Nyeljor’, and various oral and mind transmission from well known master Ngawang Norbu, where Rinpoche visualized the Je Tshongkhapa in his meditation. At the age of 25, Rinpoche received ordination of Gelong (monk) and Kagyed blessings from Gelong Jamyang Drakpa at the Potala palace.

Realizing worthless affairs of the world, Rinpoche left for Thubten Dorji Drak Monastery in Tibet and met with Rigzin Pema Thinley. He received entire blessings and transmission of ‘Thukjey Chenpo Khorwa Yeingdoel’, ‘Naro Khachoed Nyeljorma’, ‘Thukdrub Dranktshel’ and ‘Dzongchen’ from Rigzin Pema Thinley.