Fifth Namkhai Nyingpo Rinpochhe


Towards the end of the Fourteenth Rabjung Cycle, he was born in Lower Lhodrak in the vicinity of Terton Sangye Lingpa’s Kudung and was installed on the seat of his predecessor. He successfully completed studies both in Sutras and Tantras and by the age of around seventeen, he lived a life of Jadrelwa (the one who has forsaken worldly life). He travelled from Sengri to Benpa Samdrup within about three.

He exhibited many such miraculous feats. During the Fifteenth Rabjung Cycle, when he was 25 years old, enroute to Eastern Benpa, he fell sick. There he uttered the words, “This time I have not been of any benefit to the sentient beings. However, I will come back as an excellent monk and benefit the Dharma and the sentient beings.” Then squeezing a stone he gave it to his drinking partner Choeje Pawo saying, “We will meet soon.” and he passed away.