TDF Overview

The Seventh Chabjye Namkhai Nyingpo Rinpoche, His Eminence Tenzin Gyaltshen with support from his numerous followers, established the Tshokey Dorji Foundation in the year 2009. The Foundation is named after Guru Tshokey Dorji, one of the eight manifestations of Guru Padmasambhava as He best embodies the aspirations and objectives of the Foundation. Guru Rinpoche’s manifestation as Tshokey Dorji – the Lotus born has ensured that the Buddha Dharma, especially the secret Vajrayana teachings continue and flourish for the benefit of all sentient beings. This is the core objective of Tshokey Dorji Foundation as articulated by its founder and President, His Eminence Namkhai Nyingpo Rinpoche.


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